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     You will find this site very helpful, with trusted, reliable scientific information from the World's Top Scientist and Medical Professionals. This site is packed with proven Pycnogenol ® research.  The pages are not sugar coated with fancy graphics, sells banners, etc., just plain textual facts.  We have designed pages for your reading convenience.  Research information, etc., has links to graphic free pages so you can easily print.
You may print the information without wasting paper, ink and time on unnecessary items. 

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We want all the U.S. population to afford the opportunity to 
purchase and experience this wonderful, potent, powerfully effective antioxidant.

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  • There is only one U.S. Patented Pycnogenol ®
  • It comes from only one species of pine.
  • Maritime Pine (Pinus maritima). 
  • Grown along the southwest coast of France.
  • In the Forest of  Landes de Gascogne.
  • There's only one U.S. registered Pycnogenol ® trademark owner. 
  • Produces the only genuine raw substance.
  • Produced in the forest where it is grown.
  • The only seller of authentic raw Pycnogenol ®.
  • This company is Horphag Research, Ltd.
  • Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ® Seal of Authenticity
'Without Question' America's Finest Pycnogenol ®... Now at the  Best Price.
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Better Health Comes from Nature...not the Pharmacy
Authentic Pycnogenol ® is the most powerful blend of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents known to man.  That’s why Pycnogenol ® has been established as the ‘criterion’ for all antioxidants.  It helps your body combat environmental stress, keeps your circulation system fit and combats joint inflammation.  Pycnogenol ® also, improves and normalizes capillary activity and strengthens capillary walls.  It helps restore flexibility to arterial walls.  Pycnogenol ® binds collagen fibers, realigning them in the process to more youthful, undamaged structures.  Elasticity and flexible strength is restored to connective tissue.  Its versatility goes beyond the fact that Pycnogenol ® is the most potent blend of antioxidants: its benefits are also due to it being a unique “vitamin C potentiator.”  Current research has shown that genuine Pycnogenol ® reduces the risk of circulatory diseases (stroke, vascular and heart diseases), reduces inflammation (arthritis, edema), maintains skin health and helps alleviate a variety of other conditions. 
If you are searching for Proven Scientific Information about
U.S. Patented, Authentic Horphag Pine Bark Extract
You'll find it atPycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ®-USA

Just a few listed below:
Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ® 5th International  Symposium in Singapore 1998
Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ® 6th International  Symposium in Biarritz, France 1999
Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ® U.S. Patent Owner, Horphag Research, Ltd.
Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ® International Consultant and Spokesman... Nick Mangeris
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Pycnogenol Ž-USAPycnogenol ®-vs-the counterfeit Internet "imitators who are employing Pycnogenol ® as a link to websites promoting"other pine bark extracts" and "grape seed extracts" which are cleverly misrepresented to be Pycnogenol ®

Visit  Pycnogenol ®-USA Contents   for a complete list.

Pycnogenol ®-USA: Promoting  'Without question'  U.S. Patented, Authentic Horphag Pine Bark Extract 
(from the only  true Pycnogenol ® source, the Pinus maritima tree growing along the coast of southern France).
Pycnogenol Ž-USAMail Pycnogenol ®-USA
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Pycnogenol ®, we can live longer and live better, longer.
That is the true purpose of Pycnogenol ®
Charles Haimoff, President and CEO of Horphag Research, Ltd.

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